Commercial / Business / Marine Commercial / Business / Marine Restaurant TV at this steak restaurant all mounted by THE TV GUY. 189332362 Bar Bar with Direct Tv installed - Miami 189332364 MRI office Doctors office - Lobby TV - Aventura 189773118 Ice cream parlor This TV serves as a menu for this ice cream parlor - Homestead 189773119 Restaurant At this restaurant they play Cuban dominoes and watch baseball all day - Hialeah 189773120 Red Dog Multi-TV install - Fort Lauderdale 189773443 Boca Mall Mall - Todd Tickets - Boca Raton 189773123 Brick wall New TV on brick wall - Fort Lauderdale 189773444 Ceiling mounts Ceiling mounts are very popular in commercial applications- Medley 189773446 Red Dog This tavern is not yet opened for business. This is the pre-installation stage. 164766774 TVs all over Surround the entire bar with TVs 189773451 IR receiver (eye) hidden This system all controlled by IR eyes hidden next to TV which allows user to control satellite receiver in another room. The IR eyes are so small you can not tell where they are. 189773453 Restaurant- Venezuela Another commercial install- Doral 167075240 ceiling mount Ceiling mounts - Very popular in commercial applications. THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197750417 more ceiling mounts dade- broward THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197750418 Thalia and Christians Place Office TV mounted by THE TV GUY THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install service 197750420 This office looks great Mount your Tv. Makes your place look stylish and modern. THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197750421 Cat5 / Cat 6 Cable management / Custom wiring THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197750422 Rack - Mounted Mounted rack for network and CCTV application. 197750424 Greek Restaurant # v next to each other- with food menu showing 200972121 Mark's MMA gym Two Tvs at MMA gym. tv shows heart rate, calories burned ect 200972123 Reception area- new office Reception office- constantly playing commercial 202552408 Office in Medley Office with TV looks very classy 202552409 Rody's Restaurant Caribbean restaurant - Great food. Mounted TV for them and worked out a deal with owner where they payed us with food. 200972124 Reception area- office New business - TV in reception area - Wynwood TV mounting service 202552410 Another office - Winton Manners TV set up to view presentations 202552411 Florida Fish and Wildlife - Miami Office Conference room - for training and presentations 203687965 Doral medical office- TV mounting service Need your office TV mounted on the wall. Give us a call. THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 204175844 Conference room - Medley Conference room - for training and presentations 204949569 Yacht drop down TV TV is old and will be replaced by THE TV GUY 206129744 TV lift - TV comes out of the cabinet Old school system. Updating lift and TV. Creston system. Yacht work - Key Largo 206129745 206129746