Surround Sound / Home Theater Surround Sound / Home Theater Full Home Theater Carpets raised, walls are sound proff, Epson projector. 206129738 Daniel's house In wall speakers, left, right, center and sub. 5.1 system - Coral Gables 189331341 in wall surround sound - Miami beach In wall speakers- TV not yet mounted - Prewire work 202552707 In ceiling speakers In ceiling speakers look great.- Miami 189331339 Surround back Surround back speakers - Wires all ran in the attic. 5.1 system - Weston 189776784 Corner back Surround back speakers, High on the wall but pointing down 189776790 Surround Sound Surround sound makes your entertainment experience much better. Trust us !!! 7.1 System 189776791 Surround sound and TV mounting All sound coming from below TV area 189776793 Custom furniture Comcast cable box, Onkio receiver, Sony Blue ray are all inside the cabinet. All being controlled by hidden IR. Surround sound 5.1- Sunny Isles 189993244 Vintage Equipment Danny's pride and joy. THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 install 197750466 Surround Sound and 53" Sometimes customers want speakers in the oddest places. 167075239 Home Theater projector screen Home Theater with In wall speakers / Projector screen - Parkland 189993245 Projector Ceiling mounted projector- Parkland 189993242 Jackson's Hospital Interactive projectors - Special project 190003717 Avi family room We mount TVs to optimize best viewing angle based on size of TV , viewing distance, and other factors. We try to mount speakers at ear level whenever possible.- Plantation 189771779 Projector at Miami Childrens Projectors at Miami Children's Hospital 190003718 Outdoor Speakers Yamaha Outdoor Speakers - Miami THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197750347 Outdoor Speaker Parkland- Yamaha outdoor speaker. 200972164 Josephs- Media cabinet Small audio, video rack- Josephs- Miami shores 200972165 Ean- Aventura 55' Tv- Bose - Old school speakers. 201783588 206129740 in wall center channel in wall center channel. All audio and video equipment is in closet 204175849 Ricks house in Coral Spring Sound here is amazing. Sound system , TV and even fireplace installed by THE TV GUY 206129741 Seat, lighting and shades. Seat, lighting and shades. We can do it all. THE TV GUY - 954-534-3372 206129737 Surround sound - By THE TV GUY B&W speakers. Never go wrong with this. Yamaha receiver/ AMP 206129743