Before and After Before and After Could not close cabinet This customer could not even close her cabinet cause all the cables 190001080 Its magic - THE TV GUY Notice the big change. We mounted a new size TV. Hid all components inside cabinet. Using IR extender to control everything. 190001081 Mr Brown DYF TV mounted properly but look at the ugly cables 190001083 THE TV GUY was here Notice the cables are gone now 190001082 Space saver Look at all the room the TV takes on the table top 190001085 Mount your TV and save space Changed the room completely. Also mounted sound bar.-THE TV GUY 190001084 Outside wall-Before People mount the TV but then don't know what to do with all the wires- Call --> THE TV GUY - 954-534-3372 190001278 Outside wall-After If you don't want to break concrete wall. Plastic conduit, cable management works just fine. 190001086 Move components to closet This customer is doing away with media table and old music system 190001087 Much Cleaner Look TV , sound bar and sub-woofer is all that is visible. All components in closet in another part of the house. All done by THE TV GUY 190001088 Make your room seem bigger TV on a table top takes up space and can fall down and brake. 190001090 THE TV GUY makes your room seem bigger Look at the difference and space you get back. TV will never fall off your wall. Guaranteed!! 190001091 Basic TV on a stand This is the most common look. TV taking up space and if you have children, it is a safety concern. 190001279 Basic mounted TV See the difference. Cleaner look, Children safe and a major space saver. Have your TV mounted by THE TV GUY 190001280 Change your room This plain wall will soon become an entertainment experience 190001281 WOW what a difference The components on top of table will go inside eventually. We use IR expanders to make this happen. 190001282 Add class This simple stand and TV is easy to spyce up by mounting the TV - THE TV GUY 190001284 Mount your TV with THE TV GUY The difference is day to night. 190001283 TV looks dull and cabinets have to remain open another customer that could not close her cabinet cause of all the cables. 190003231 TV, Surround and IR technology We not only mounted their larger TV but we installed surround sound and IR are being used to hide all components inside cabinet. 190003230 32" on dresser This TV takes up space on this dresser 190003232 TV and floating shelf Look at the difference that TV mounted and a floating shelf for simple components 190003229 Barber Shop cable management and concealment is our expertise 197750333 Barber Shop part 2 THE TV GUY was here THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197750332 Dont know what to do with all those cables Call !! THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197750335 This kid and mother are happy Everything is off the floor 197750334 Hide the spaghetti look Need help hiding cables? Call THE TV GUY - 954-534-3372 200972537 its Magic No more spaghetti! 200972538 Looking to fit a TV in a custom cabinet Not sure how to mount a Tv and hide all the cables to make this room look clean. Call Me! 954-534-3372 201783668 Project completed right No cables. all components hidden away. THE TELEVISION GUY 954-534-3372 201783667 Upgraded his game room This customers wanted to have listen to music and be able to watch the Dolphin games on Sunday inside his game room. 203688833 Game room completed We installed SONOS player and Sub. We also mounted a 60" Samsung TV. He loves his new set up. THE TV GUY 203688834 Cable nightmare fixed by Ed and Alex Don't let the cable company do this to you. Call us will fix it 206129733 Cable managemnt - THE TV GUY Cable management! - not a problem for us. THE TV GUY strikes again!! 206129732