TV Mounting TV Mounting Brady's new TV All the components are under the cabinet. All being controlled by hidden IR receivers. Valencia Reserves - Boynton Beach 189550450 Lazaro's home Lazaros' Master bedroom TV and surround sound all by THE TV GUY- Miami Lakes 189550454 Dr. Stanton Dentist's new TV. Upgrading your TV? no problems with our mounts. Fort Lauderdale 189550451 Monique apartment Monique's new apt in South Beach. Mounting the TV on the wall will change the room instantly. 189550452 Oscars house Oscar's Family room TV - Full motion- Westchester 189550453 John's pad - Full Motion mount John chose a full motion mount because of his needs. He wanted different viewing angles for his TV. Full motion mount is best in this application.- Hollywood 189769104 IKEA furniture Shelve from IKEA. TV and shelve both mounted by THE TV GUY- Miramar 189771440 Steve's family room tv Steven started but could not finished. Called THE TV GUY. Mounting the TV is one thing. Hiding cables is another story- Del Ray Beach 189771438 Karen loves all the space she has now. Mounting the TV on the wall is not only safer than having it on a stand but it makes your room seem bigger.- Lighthouse point THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting service 189769106 Michael' s living room Furniture is from IKEA. Both furniture and TV installed by THE TV GUY. - Margate 189769107 Tom Tom also went with an IR to hide satellite receiver and blue-ray - Sunrise DADE / Broward 189771441 Tv is 40 inches of the floor We measure the room, TV, couch height and sitting distance to establish the perfect height for you TV. - Las Olas 189769108 Mounting a TV - Pembroke Pines If you want to optimize your TV viewing pleasure, trust folks who have experience in this field. THE TV GUY. - 954-534-3372. 189769109 Gigi Apt - Davie Give your room more space by mounting your TV 189771443 SONOS sound bar SONOS makes nice looking equipment. TV and Sound bar mounting service - Deerfield Beach THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 189771774 TV and Sounder mounted - Coconut Creek You too will be smiling after THE TV GUY is done with installing your TV. THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting installation service 197749719 Low profile mount Low profile mounts make your TV look like a picture frames on the wall - Hallandale THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install South Florida , Broward, Dade 189771775 TV and BOSE - Lauderhill TV looks like it has ears. Bose speakers and Tv mounted. All cables concealed. THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197749720 Corner mounts Corner mounts can be used in many applications.- Dania THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 189771777 Neil's Place- Aventura Optical cable from TV to Sound bar made a bid difference. You can see it. All cables hidden. THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197749721 Fireplace ? Fake fireplace but we will hang it / mount it and install for you - Wilton Manors THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 197749722 TV mounted on custom cabinet Steve's new home and new TV - All cables hidden, Using IR kit to control devices inside drawer. Weston 197825064 TV, sound bar, media table TV is on a low profile mount, sound bar lays on top of media table and all components inside media table- Pompano Beach THE TV GUY 954-534-3372 tv mounting install 189996312 Carol's TV - Coral Gables Check this out. Carol always thinking outside the box 197825065 Wave wall Wave wall for Dave in Boca Raton. TV mounting service. 197825066 Calvins Place - Doral brick finish wall - 60" TV. Clean and neat. 200971905 Albert Living room- Miami Beach TV, Sound bar and wireless sub. All setup by THE TV GUY 200971906 Will - El Portal Will's new house. Surround sound in living room, Set of speakers in family room. AMP, Directv receiver and Ir kit all inside closet. Out of site. 201783650 Guest house- Coconut Grove New TV for guest house - customer had an unexpended guest coming. We were able to do same day service. Full motion mount. 202552557 Dr Strauss - Parkland Nails new home. TV, surround sound, networking, and cameras all done by THE TV GUY. 203688027 Chip's Fireplace- Plantation TV over fireplace. Connects to Pioneer receiver and in-celing speakers. THE TV GUY 203688028 TV mounted with IKEA floating shelves Electrical outlet behind tv. Cable box also tucked behind tv. No cables showing. Coral Springs. 203707668 Angie's List Angie's List has us rated as the #1 contractor in this category for the pas 6 years in a row. Thank you to all of our customers for the excellent reviews! Much love from THE TV GUY 205723751 TV mounted on flat mount Smart TV. - No cable box - connected to off air antenna. Electrical outlet behind tv. - Kendall 203707672 Jose from Modern Doral 45 Tv and floating media table, mounted by THE TV GUY. Master bedroom, 55', sound bar, dvd and cable box all neatly inside media table. No cables showing. 204175843 Why would you not put the TV on the wall! Looks so much better. Safety reasons alone is a no brainer ! Call me... forget the rest! Get mounted by the best! 205723752 Thinking of anything THE TV GUY will make it happen. Multiple TVs - No problem 205723754 Over 10,0000 Tvs mounted since we started! TV # 10000. Thank you Ninja! ( AKA - Alex Leonov) you been at my side on all of them. 205723755 205723756 205723757 205723758 205723759 Furniture ? Salamander furniture! Yea! we carry this ! Salamander dealer! amazing media counsels. You can even hide the sub inside. 206123356 Man cave Thinking of a man cave. Been doing this for so long. Please call me. 954-534-3372. We can make your vision, your dream room come to reality. THE TV GUY strikes again!! 205723761 205723762 206462092 206462093 206462094 206462095